Pentagamaboronon-0 Fructose Inhibited Migration and Overexpression of Matrix Metalloproteinases 9 on MCF-7/HER2 Breast Cancer Cells

Indah Hairunisa, Rohmad Yudi Utomo, Yogi Ertanto, Riris Istighfari Jenie, Edy Meiyanto


The incidence of Breast Cancer Metastasis (MBC) can be categorized in stage IV as well as being the leading cause of death in cases of breast cancer. MBC prognosis is known to be weak, frequent recurrent, and MBC patients have only a survival rate of about 5 years. One of the proteins that causes breast cancer metastasis is Human Epidermal Growth Factor 2 (HER2). Pentagamaboron-0 (PGB-0), a newly curcumin analogue performed cytotoxic effect on HER2-positive breast cancer cells but it is practically water-insoluble. The aims of this study are to determine anti-metastatic activity of a more soluble form of PGB-0 namely PGB-0 fructose complex (PGB-0-F) toward HER2 positive cancer (MCF-7/HER2) cells. PGB-0-F was obtained from Cancer Chemoprevention Research Centre Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Gadjah Mada. Based on scratch wound healing assay result, PGB-0-F inhibited cell migration especially in combination with doxorubicin at the concentration 15 μM. Under gelatin zymography assay, PGB-0-F in combination with doxorubicin decreased Matrix Metalloproteinases 9 (MMP-9) expression compare to the doxorubicin. Hence, PGB-0-F has a potency to be developed as anti-metastatic agent on HER2 overexpression breast cancer.

Keywords : HER2, MCF-7/HER2, PGB-0-F, Metastasis

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